"Texas Tough":

Well, anthem is a little strong, but it does have a repeating hook! Ha

UPDATE EDIT: The Phillies Director of Entertainment referred me to the D of E for The Astros. Emailed as per instructions a 320 kb mp3. It's a wait and see now.

ORIGINAL POSTING: I am trying to get word of this to The Director of Entertainment for the Houston Astros. I called The Phillies Entertainment Director, (Ms Chris Long), who as an assistant during 2008, helped to get "Opening Day" played on all the season home openers since 2008. I left a message. Also, if anyone knows of any fitting Texas recording artist, who would sound a lot better than me on this, please suggest advice. Thank you!

I'm in my sort of last stretch for working the work in music. So, I am trying harder in all aspects. Your helpful advice has been effective, so thank you for that!

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