There comes a time when we all need to do this in one way or another.


c2017 Brian Beecher

You told me your lifeís so busy
Feels like youíre always in a race
If you know yourself well enough
You can find someone to take your place

Now the doubt has turned to courage
And you say you want me back
Well honey Iíve went past your ideas
And I knew our love wouldnít last

Iím letting, letting go
I once had a tingling feeling
For you but I was dealt a blow
Letting go

Well, today is one of those days
When I have planted a seed
That has the potential to bear fruit
Youíre no longer someone that I need

And Iíve taken up new interests
In the days since youíve been gone
Well honey we once had something good
But now itís time for moving on

Iím letting go, letting go
If I were you Iíd look up
Other people that you know
Letting go

We had a whirlwind romance
That brought so much good news
That it was hard to breathe at times

But after that lovely beginning
You lost the ability
To ever see the finish line

Iím letting go, letting go
You best believe there was a lesson
Learned from being left in the cold
Iím letting go