Hi, I'm new here and thought I would post a lyric I recently finished for critique. I mostly write Christian music but thought I would go outside of my comfort zone with this one. Let me know what you think.

Anxiously Believe

Verse 1
Staring at a crack in the floor
Hoping that it holds the solution
Or a reason he should lift up his head
Some things seem too broken

Sitting on the edge of their bed
Her sobbing softly haunting his conscience
And familiar feelings stir up inside
Anxiously believing

Verse 2
Stranded in a puddle of tears
Wishing for a hero to save her
When there's no one with a shoulder to lend
What's the point of crying

Something makes her heart skip a beat
Sensing an emotion forgotten
On the breeze drifts the fragrance of hope
Anxiously believing

In the darkest time
Of both our lives
There's still a seed
Wait patiently....

Verse 3
Two of us just hanging by a thread
Maybe if we tie them together
Then our love can be forever again
If you and me
Though anxiously