My Soul

The moss covered trees
of the northern forest,
I sit along the brook.

Virgin earth
has stood quiet here
never opened her eyes to the sun.

the symbols of truth and courage
reflect from ancient times,
my father and his stand before me.
Black wings shelter my thoughts.

Burnt to my soul as those before me
songs of life to draw you near.
Hear my calling, purity it holds
clean before you now.

Of all things great and many,
thought of the smallest stone.

I rise to the forest
that has never heard voice,
brush back the wings to my soul....

Copyright Vincent


from [Things I see in the dead of night]

She was just turning five,
able to read and write.

Had a smile that would
brighten each day.

She would bring him story books,
he never had time to look,
she smiled softly and said its alright.

Time has a hand,
times We can`t see,
there was an angel right by his side.

One day can change all things,
this day her life came to an to end...

these words of a Father..

"Never thought i`d walk with an angel
talk with an angel,
wipe the tears, from an angel`s eyes.
"Never thought an angel would love me..."

and as I held her close...

She smiled softly and said its alright....
I heard an angel whisper good-by..

Copyright Vincent ... [2003-11-02

"Grace always pours from a closing wound"