A Short Story By ME...

The White House on January 3rd 2025 is notified by the Head of the NIH that Dr. Stillwell the Head of the NIH needs to come over and talk to the President immediately on a very important matter. He is told to be there at 3 PM and that the President would see him then. At exactly 3 PM that afternoon Dr. Stillwell, his Security Staff and Dr. Liz Gordon Phd. and Professor of Philosophy at Harvard show up at the WH and are instantly waved in. They are led down a long hallway and to the Oval Office where President Brown was sitting behind a very large desk. He told them to sit down and and this is what happened next.

Dr. Stillwell told him that a Secret Study was conducted over the past 6 years and the results came in last night and were highly disturbing. It has been proved now conclusively that Cancer is Contagious and has been for a very long time. This Study has been done in Secret in over 20 Countries and have issued this Report that I have in my hands. There is no debate and this is true. It started in 2019 when it started to appear to Doctors and especially Oncologists that husbands and wives seemed to be getting it more. Then there were Families that seemed to have way too many cases and the CDC was involved. Cancer was always thought of as a Malfunction of the Immune System but now that has been 100% debunked and something needs to be done immediately.

President Gordon sat their in disbelief and turned to his Chief of Staff and Science Advisor and asked them if they knew about this. Neither one did and the President looked back at the three people in front of him and sad....NOW WHAT?

How many people know this?
It's been a Top Secret Program for all these years. The Scientists and Researchers were picked very carefully and it has been carried out on a remote Island that will remain secret and has been going on all this time until I received this Report yesterday. The other Countries involved also received this same report and as far as we know so far nobody else knows. BUT the Leaders of 20 Countries knows and we are sure that it won't stay that way. The Scientest all want to go home. They've been paid Millions of Dollars to do this and at the beginning we had no idea that this would ever be found to be true. It seems also that while all cancers are contatious it is getting worse.
What about Big Pharma do any of them know?
As far as we know the only people that know is You, Us and the Leaders of 20 Countries. We are going to have a conference call when we leave here and discuss it BUT in our Opinion this story will probably hit the News pretty soon and then what?
Is there any idea for a cure?
Cancer Treatments are still the same with Chemo and Radiation and Immune Therapy and some new stuff but there is NO Cure and to tell you the truth with so much money being made in Cancer Treatments there still is no incentive to cure this beast.
My Wife has cancer so should I be afraid.
We don't know how long it takes to catch it from a loved one of friend or much about how it worrkds but we we do know now that it can be communicated from person to person

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