the shortest story I have..

from [things I see in the dead of night]

a [true tale]

While driving by a local burial site late in the day,
the sun was hiding behind the trees. I happened to notice a lady at a grave.
She was down on bended knees, she bent her head foward and tears fell freely.
Sobbing with all her heart, she leaned against the stone.

Stopping, I wanted to make sure she was alright.
Turning for one brief moment, I looked back and the lady was gone...
I walked around to the front of the resting place,
the grave was unattended, and had been there quite some time. And I read;

Leslie Ann Perry, and her baby Sarah Ann.

Both died at birth; "One with a few short minutes "and "One by choice"

Such sadness I turned to walk away.
With the sun filtering through the trees playing with the autumn colors,
I happened to notice the gleam of tears on the stone.....

Copyright © Vincent

"Grace always pours from a closing wound"