Instead of saying goodnight Anthony Thaxton Music (c)

I still remember the night we met
Rain was pouring we got soaking wet
Like two fools we walked right through the heart of the storm

I held your hand and pulled you close
Rain drenched from our head to our toes
We let the fire of our Kiss keep us warm

Instead of saying goodnight
we held each other tight
got caught up in a whirl wind
We never wanted to end
We fell harder than the rain
Instead of saying goodnight the red nosed rain deer Let

We finally made it to your front door
Laughing about it then kissed some more
I remember hoping the night would never end

The passion grew and the lightning flashed
The thunder rolled as our bodies crashed
As you unlocked the door and invited me in

We Could have walked a way
Saved it for another day
1st right now

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