I haven't ventured into this forum since joining JPF. I was writing a fair amount of poetry prior to turning my attention back to songwriting this past year or so. But for what it's worth, maybe from time to time I'll post a few things I've posted previously on other sites. This one's about regrets and how they haunt us. Hope you enjoy.

Shadow Boy

A trailed step—
he lags behind
whispering shades
that may have been,
mumbling memories
of futures past;
pulling thin threads,
he unravels the knots
of time and possibility.

I whisper
go away, shadow boy,
and he does for a time
but returns always
to taunt my thoughts
with the echoes of
paths not taken,
choices not chosen,
lives not lived.

He tells me
I was there but wasn’t,
I was me but someone else
I was loved not lost;
he glibly reminds me that
one word more or less,
one deed done or undone,
and all the world is new.

I dwell too often on
probabilities and outcomes,
and the wisdom of
second chances
despite knowing
there is nothing
I would change
even if I could.

But he dogs me still,
and when he’s gone
I miss him.

(c) DJ Lekich 2015