I dont consider myself a song writer this is just me venting. Constructive criticism is welcomed as well as comments.

You can't skin your kneees on eternity
Your love took me away
Your love took me away
An ending? I rather turn back around
Scattering my pain through every continent
Start me again start me again
You can start me again
You have a name stand up don't be shy
My names ----- and you'll be receiving love letters from me
You and I are the one who knows you
Paper bags for all the cowards
Paper bags representing everyone you've ever known .
When we start winning don't show your face
Your love took me away
The past planted me away
The winds tell me to move
But I can bare the four seasons in all
Apocalypse and all
I'll bare it all it's all up to me
Your love took me away your love took me away
Let me rearrange the alphabet
Zero equals one
One equals
Empty space