Jon Campos and the Incurables are going to be the next great Alternative Rock band. They recently released a phenomenally designed music video for their tune “Tragic Tales & Lullabies.” The video was shot in the beautiful Solerno Winery in California and is so enticing it is hard to stop watching. Jon Campos and the Incurables have a passion for alternative rock and a sound that will appeal to everyone from fans of the Foo Fighters to those passionate about Led Zeppelin. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, you can watch it on .

Jon Campos and the Incurables are already dominating the alternative rock charts as well. Reverbnation, a music hosting site for over four million artists with twenty thousand new songs added every month, lists Jon Campos and the Incurables as #1 on the San Diego Alternative Rock Regional Chart. Jon Campos and the Incurables are also #37 on the National Alternative Rock Chart which includes over 10,000 artists!

Be sure to keep up with Jon and the band on their and the band’s official website for any updates. You can also find their music on.

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