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My name is James N. Schweda . Iím a musician and stagehand living in Seattle, Washington. Within the next few months I'll be assembling a power-trio to play my original compositions with me at live gigs in the greater Seattle area.

I write funky folkadelic con-fusion. There's a lot of room to jam and some of the stuff is somewhat complicated harmonically. I intend to front the act while playing guitar. I'm looking for a bassist and a drummer in the Seattle area. Strong music theory and backing vocals are a plus. The material covers a lot of ground from cut time country, to funk, to jazz fusion.

A little about me; I live and breathe music and live entertainment having immersed myself in the subjects ever since I was a small child. Iím an accomplished music theory and guitar instructor and have practiced my art for over 10,000 hours in the last seven years. Iím comfortable working on the stage and behind the scenes. I currently work running sound at a small club and as a stagehand for the largest non-union stagecraft company in the United States. You can check out my resume here.

I'm looking for people who are capable of putting together the material relatively quickly. I intend the act to be a business, not a hobby. If this sounds like your cup of tea please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

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