Hey Guys,

I'm doing some video work at the moment, and needed some stock footage to fill quite a number of gaps.

I looked around, did all the stuff, blah blah blah, and came across this site https://www.videoblocks.com/

Very happy and pleased with the free option, for 7 days just download the footage ( up to 20 per day )and cancel after that if it's not for you. Credit card required.

If happy, then $89 per six months. Be warned if you're after "exclusive" footage, that may cost you $50-100 per clip.

Sure, it's not for everyone, and has limited appeal for creative interests. Yet for high value and copyright covered HD footage at a reasonable price, I don't see a problem.

If you need/require such footage, then if you'd go through this link .... http://videoblocks.refr.cc/NBNFMDS

Disclaimer ; It gets you off $50 bucks, and I personally receive $20 for the referral.

As you guys all know, I never endorse any company, good or bad, so it's up to you, and that credit simply goes toward my fruitcake ( or perhaps not ) venture in the South Pacific.

cheers, niteshift