2015 Just Plain Folks Music Awards: Free Entry & FAQ
We are accepting entries into the 2015 JPF Music Awards. This includes all genres of music (we recognized over 100 different genres for Best Albums and Best Songs) and any CD's released between 2010-2015 are eligible. We hope to answer many of your questions below:
The Just Plain Folks Music Awards are the largest of any kind in the world! This year is particularly special because it is our 30th Anniversary and we'd love to have you participate while we search for the music that MOVES us the most!
The final deadline for new releases is later this year, but we encourage all of you with release from 2010-2014 to go ahead and send us your releases NOW. There's nothing holding you back other than procrastination!
We do not give out prizes just recognition to the nominees and winners, and there is no charge of any kind to enter. Winners do receive a trophy which we pay for and will ship to you if you win, or hand it to you live on stage at our awards show in Los Angeles. The date for the awards show will be in 2016 and will feature performances from nominees who are attending the awards show in a wide variety of genres.
Has Anyone Well Known Been Nominated or Won?
Some better known past winners/nominees include (this is but a tiny sample mostly from our last awards): Chris Young, They Might Be Giants, Mike Birbiglia, Vertical Horizon, Janis Ian, AR Rahman, Bobby Womack, Doc Watson, Andy, Michelle Malone, Dean Pitchford, Nils, David Lanz, SKAMP, Peter Mayer, Gretchen Peters, Bill Harley, Eva Cassidy, Aaron Tippin, Tonic Sol-Fa, Gary Jules, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Ellis, Perry Botkin Jr., Storm Large, Dennis DeYoung, Rachel Sage, Tim Grimm, Jim Gaffigan, Melissa Ferrick, Beethoven's Wig, David Darling and many other outstanding music creators of all levels of fame, success and talent from around the world and across these and other genres:
What Genres Are There?
A Cappella, African, Alternative, Ambient, Americana, Asian, Bluegrass, Blues, Cabaret, Cajun, Caribbean, Celtic, Celtic Instrumental, Children's, Children's Storytelling, Classical Orchestral, Classical Contemporary, Classical Chamber, Classical Solo, Classical Voice/Opera Solo, Classical Voice/Opera Choral, College Rock, Comedy, Compilation, Contemporary, Contemporary Christian, Country, Cover/Tribute, Dance, Death Metal, Educational, Electronica, European, Experimental, Female Singer-Songwriter, Flamenco, Funk, Gospel, Hard Rock, Hawaiian, Historical, Holiday, Indian Classical/Traditional, Indian Contemporary, Industrial, Instrumental, Instrumental Rock, Instrumental Jazz, Jam Band, Jewish, Klezmer, Latin, Latin Jazz, Live, Male Singer-Songwriter, Metal, Middle Eastern, Modern Rock, Native American, New Age, New Folk, Novelty, Political, Polka, Pop, Progressive Rock, Punk, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Remix, Rock, Rockabilly, Roots, Roots Instrumental, Salsa, Self Help/Meditation, Ska, Smooth Jazz, Solo Guitar, Solo Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack, South and Central American, Spoken Word, Storytelling, Surf, Techno, Theater, Traditional Folk, Urban Gospel, Vocal Jazz & World Music.
These and other genres come and go each awards based solely on quantity of quality entries and depth in a particular genre, large or small. In cases where there aren't enough quality entries to qualify, genres are combined with like genres so that no music is left out of consideration.
What genre will my music go in?
All genre decisions are made by Just Plain Folks staff based on our internal and consistent definitions. Albums with multiple genres are placed in the most appropriate category based on our criteria. Songs from an album are considered individually in their appropriate genres separate from where the overall album is placed. The bottom line is we look for music that collectively moves us and if yours does, we'll find a home for it for fair and unbiased consideration.
So if you see this and are a musician, please send us your CD's and have your musician friends send them as well. Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46237.
It is free to enter, just make sure to include all your contact info in the package and make sure there's a name and info on the CD (or write it there with a sharpie!). We don't return submissions nor do we sign for packages or offer feedback on your music, but all are entered into the current music awards process! We choose the genres for both albums and songs (it's easier that way). Near the end of the entry process, we will notify everyone of the final deadline as well as have an database in which to verify an entry. At that time, we will send everyone who entered this year a group confirmation email. If you do not receive it on the date we set up, let us know and you'll still have an opportunity to send us an entry before the final deadline.
Please "Like" our page to qualify to enter:
Sign Up to Join Just Plain Folks (It's FREE!):
Press Kits, Bio's and promo items are welcome but not required in any way.(If you are so inclined, I wear 3X T-shirts, and love wearing cool band/artist shirts while I tour or during music conferences etc.).
Can I just send/email you my digital tracks?
Unfortunately we do not currently have a digital partner for this year's awards. That means our only current option is to enter via a CD or CDR. If you place your tracks on a CDR, please just burn it as a normal CD (for example DO NOT just put MP3 or other format files on it requiring a computer to access. The CD/CDR should be playable on a boombox or in a car stereo CD player.
Our awards have always been free to enter. The only digital option would have required a fee to compensate the partner and we've elected to try to do it on CD only. If we do not hit our target for entries, it is possible we might find a digital option with a fee attached late in the year. We do anticipate this will be our last year without digital entries. We started taking Digital entries in 2002, one of the first Music Awards to ever do so. Thank you for understanding!
Who picks the winners?
Last time over 10,000 volunteer judges from the music industry, music fans and fellow musicians just like you helped determine the nominees and winners based on 1 single criteria: DOES THE MUSIC MOVE YOU?
We've released several albums in that time frame, how many can we enter?
You can send as many releases as you have available in the time frame permitted above.
I have musician friends with CD's who are not already JPF Members. Can they enter?
You may share this on your page (PLEASE DO!) or with anyone you pleae to let your fellow musicians know about the opportunity. All levels are welcome from Major Labels to Home Studio Indies (But the competition is WORLD CLASS so keep that in mind! Please have them click "join" on our home page and it only requires your email address to officially join so we can contact you with our newsletter etc.
Who is Just Plain Folks and why do you do these Awards?
Just Plain Folks celebrates our 30th anniversary this year, so feel free to check us out online. We're the real deal supporting musicians and recognizing amazing music which may not otherwise receive the attention it deserves. We offer a fair and unbiased/no agenda/no strings attached way for great music to receive deserved recognition! We are the first (and only) Music Awards to use one single criteria when judging music: Does the music MOVE YOU?
How many people will I be competing with?
Last time around we received 560K songs and 42K albums from 187 countries around the world. Due to our lay off from doing the awards since 2009, our entries are lower so far this time around, so we hope you'll participate with us and share your music for consideration in what has long been the World's Largest Music Awards!
Still have questions?
Feel free to ask any questions you may have on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JustPlainFolks
We look forward to hearing your music! Please participate and help us celebrate our 30th Anniversary!
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