My name is Frank Porter. I live in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. I am close to Allentown and not too far from Philadelphia to give you an idea of where I am located. My band needs a drummer that can sing at least harmonies and maybe do lead vocals on a few songs too. We are an original music based act. We have recently been playing shows in Atlantic City, NJ where we have a contact that can get us into uptown clubs and some festivals in that general area. We are also itching to record an album/CD. This is for a serious minded drummer who is ready to pay some dues.

With that said we hold down day jobs at this point and plan to keep them. Yet we want to work around them as we progress. Obviously most of the shows would be on the weekends however there could be shows and interviews and radio appearances and the like scheduled on weeknights. We are aiming at doing as many as 70 shows per year. No more than that. Quite likely less than that.

We will work the Internet hard and if something comes from this we we cross that bridge when it happens. I have attended and showcased at many music conferences and have quite a few contacts including Grammy award winning producers and musicians. Some who are ready to help us once we start recording. Some shows will pay and some will not. All paying shows are split evenly among band members as are CD sales. There will be shows that do not pay. Interviews and radio appearances do not pay as a general rule. Please be ready to pay dues and work hard.

You can email me (Frank Porter) at and please put, "Drummer Audition," in the subject line.

Thanks everyone.

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