CSN&Y left behind some truly great music. The general public will always point to their vocals, but really, REALLY listen to the guitar interaction, backed up by Dallas Taylor on drums and a 19 year old kid on bass… Greg Reeves.
I like to think about my first bass gig at 17 in a German American social club. Then I try to put myself in the place of a 19 yr. old playing Woodstock! Reeves work is superb and has fortunately been captured on tape. (Check out the youtubes vids of CSN&Y at Big Sur too). His personal life then and now is another question and all sorts of rumors and experts have chimed in on just where this shooting star landed. Open this talk bass link for a good read: http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f28/greg-reeves-537040/
So, here are a few demos of his work with CSN&Y: Almost Cut My Hair, Everybody I Love you, and Woodstock. I also demo Suite Judy Blue eyes with Stills on bass. Follow the link below and please use headphones.