I think he's the Robert Metzgar who lead one of my cowriters to believe he'd get her a major label deal. I think she won a "contest" he hosted. He convinced her to record an album with him, not sure what it cost, but she never got a deal.

When I googled him, one listing says: "Legends Hall Of Fame producer"

His website is hosted by angelfire
Does anyone still use angelfire?

Looks like he puts out PR listings like:

Robert Metzgar Receives 2010 Ascap Plus Award For Jazz & Popular Music. ASCAP songwriter Robert Metzgar is the recipient of the prestigious ASCAP PLUS AWARD for 2010 in the jazz and popular music category. Mr. Metzgar's hits can be viewed at www.ascapsongs.com. Metzgar is a songwriter for Walt Disney Music (ASCAP). (shows a pic of him with Garth)

(fyi: many ascap writers who aren't making money receive the ASCAP Plus Award, but he launched a press release about his.

another release:

The Artist Survival Manual Is A Free Book That Answers All Your Questions About Recording In Nashville -- Newly Revised By Best Selling Author Robert Metzgar
Best selling author Robert Metzgar has released the book that answers all your questions about recording in Nashville. His million selling Artist Survival Manual is now free of charge to singer/songwriters. The book is the most downloaded manual online as a music reference book that is used in colleges, universities and graduate programs worldwide.
The book reflects the many changes in the digital era at http://www.artistsurvivalmanual.com

Guess they're intended to give the impression of legitimacy.