Marc and or Mike,

We're going round and round. I am talking about scammers who size up and then manipulate people into spending far above reasonable market rates dangling name dropping and suggested benefits that they know don't (or won't) exist for that client and then take them for a financial ride. You're taling about "honest" studios who do not engage in that behavior. I've said over and over, if they are honest, I have no problem with them. But when they aren't, or when they charge way over market value or the quality of their work is below acceptable for the price involved, I am going to use my little bully pulpit which thankfully Google seems to like to find when folks search out dishonest scammers and tell anyone listening what is going on. I've been doing it a long time. I know better than anyone that you can only save the ones that you can save. So I do it for them. Those who can't be saved (and yes, Mike and I worked with 1 lady together, but she's far from the only one or even the worst case I have dealt with) simply CAN'T BE SAVED. We can only hope the scammer that gets ahold of them isn't among the worst of the worst so their punitive lesson isn't so harsh. Meanwhile, though some can't be saved, many many many CAN and HAVE been saved. Just reading this post, even with the dissent, will alert smart folks to think twice before their vanity gets the best of them.

And another point about studios versus buying most other items: In most cases, you can RETURN a product or get your money back if you're unhappy with the results. I know some studios who actually offer that as well, but most don't. If I buy a set of Golf Clubs at Dick's Sporting Goods, I can return them. If I buy a membership to TAXI and use the service for most of the year and decide I am unhappy with the service, I can get my money back. Too few studios offer money back. Too few music industry services or even retailers offer reasonable return/refund terms because so often people realize their vanity caused them to buy what they don't want or learn that promises or false innuendos don't pan out. If it's a beautiful dress or even a new car, you have a window of refund. If the demo sucks, or they don't get you in touch with a famous publisher or get your song into the hands of some other power player they are "friends" with, you can't get a refund.

I think we should seek out all those services and retailers who offer money back terms and list those here.


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