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Is profiting on vanity immoral? At what point is a chocolate maker immoral? Should chocolate be banned? How about vanity presses? How about cosmetics? Conversely, is being vain immoral? Are overeaters immoral? At what point? How about people who are proud of their looks? When we get into morality and ethics, we find that people disagree as to both degree and responsibility. I think that we here can, however, agree that in the music business there should be responsibility taken by both the client and the service, but what are those responsibilities?

What is the moral responsibility of the producer/publisher etc? I suspect that we would get many different, often conflicting answers to that (just look to our discussions about filesharing for a clue). Some would answer with the old "money/capitalism is evil" routine. Some would say "anything that is legal is moral." There can be no line drawn on which we would all least not until the second coming.

What is the moral responsibility of the client/singer/songwriter? That's a question I've never heard asked, but here again, we would get a wide variety of often conflicting answers, with never a line of agreement drawn.

Now, I know there are extremes (such as the $35,000 example) to which we would almost all agree...but there will be some who will not, not even the extemes.

Since we can't agree on morality, we need to depend on personal responsibility. As a group here, we need to do what we do...educate.

The fact is: there are people who deal unethically, according to my defintion. There are producers/publishers etc. who, will IMO rip off their clients. There are (and yes...there are) songwriters/singers and their agents who will IMO rip off producers/publishers. And, everybody IMO rips off the bass players smile I recommend that folks do their homework, educate themselves.

Of course, if people really want morality I recommend this:

And this:

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