The problem with Marc's scenario is that often people with "credentials" that can include hits, grammy wins and all sorts of other accolades, can still be 100% scam artists. If the person in question is suggesting in any way that by spending that type of money they are more likely to become famous or get a record deal (whatever the hell that even means these days) when they clearly have little talent and no chance of career commercial success, then you cross over into 100% scam artist land. And the really smart scammers are experts at subtle suggestions or impressions on clueless wannabe's who get caught up in it all. The grandmas that are being taken are often sad cases that mortgage their homes, max credit cards, take out huge loans etc. to feed these vampires. Sorry.. but if a 55 year old mediocre singing, mediocre writing housewife comes to spend 35K with your friend and he doesn't make it clear that though they will be getting a polished pro level recording, that it is not, in their experience, going to lead to anything beyond having an extremely costly vanity project, then morally that's a scam. Most scams in the music industry, by the way, are perfectly legal.

There are legal ways of making a living and there are honest ways of making a living and there's a big difference between the two. Of course if you honestly advise or spell out the reality of the situation, and the client who has gotten this CORRECT info about what the worth of the project really is once completed, then go for it. But I've heard too many horror stories not to become ill when I hear people spending stupid money for an overpriced overblown recording. It's like, in a way, an unscrupulous bartender over-serving a drunk. Just because they WANT the drink, and you SELL the drink, it doesn't mean you should give them what they want.


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