That's alwaya been the unfortunate truth about people who write and create. They usually do it in the dark, behind the scenes and far from the spotlight and hoopla. But for many, they also get paid. In music, I'd much rather be a writer with 10 successful hits than the artist performing them with no writing credits. If you have a choice between fame and money, choose the money. You can have a much better life of your own choosing without spending it being told what to do by multi-national corporations every day. Dean is someone I look up to as a perfect role model for a creative person. Most people would be thrilled with any 1 of his areas of success. I'd be happy with simply having the freedom to enjoy attempting all the areas he's been a smashing success even if I never made a dime at it. To get both sides (success and creative freedom) has to be a surreal existance for mere mortals. Dean is clearly operating on a wildly different level than most of us could even imagine.

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