Thanks for the advice and I didn't mean to appear egotistical and I don't mean to offend anyone-sorry if I do but if but I do know many more people I have seen on here are better writers (this doesnt include me) than what is on the radio. I am glad some people get the chance-but it doesn't mean I have to agree that they are better than we are, because they aren't. Sure some of them are-and they are putting out great stuff-but not all. If this means it is all in my living room-that is just fine because I won't write lousy music or lyrics just to sell it. I guess you'd not agree with my lyric The Dumbing Down of Country Music-a poorly (no doubt) written lyric I wrote because I believe there is a movement to actually "dumb down" listeners.
Alan Jackson had the idea with Murder on Music Row and others have mentioned this -The Dixie Chicks for one. I 've talked to many others that agree and just do not get it.
I love all types of music-and certainly do not believe that I am better than anyone-but if a song makes you cringe-then it does and it doesn't matter if they are richer than kings-I won't be listening or buying.
There are many, many talented riters and singers that I adore their music-Martina Mcbride, Alan Jackson, George Straight...Rascal Flats..Lady Antelbellum , Zac Brown...
They always put out quality stuff.
Sorry, but this is sort of an issue with me and I admire your take, but I hope you can see my point. If not, that is okay too.
I will keep working, and learning, and trying-and loving it.
Quote from Craig Aaron
"The Telecom Act of 1996—which abolished nationwide radio ownership caps and spawned the mega-chains—further constricted already limited playlists, abolished local programmers and imposed a homogenized, cookie-cutter sound to better court suburban soccer moms."

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