There are tons of options... I'm kinda late replying so you might of already chose something.

Do you have any HTML experience? If not, go with HostBaby or some other hosting company geared towards musicians. Or, you can use a content management system like Drupal, Joomla, Modx, etc. Or, you can use blogging software like Wordpress. All the content management systems have different pre-made themes you can choose from, same with Wordpress.

If you choose a company that is geared towards musicians (I assume you can just Google something like "band site hosting") they probably have a built in music player which would be helpful. If you choose a content management system, they are pretty easy to set up, but don't come with any type of music player.

But, if you need help implementing a music player let me know, if I have time I might be able to help out or at least give suggestions.

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