I pretty much agree and disagree with everything that has been said.When asked the question "what do you think is the most important part of the song,lyrics or music?",the answer always varies from person to person.I think you just have to look at the song as a whole.If a person writes music,they are a musician(whether or not they write good music),if a person writes lyrics they are a lyricist(whether the lyric are good or bad)...after all what some think is great,others may find painful to listen to.Variety is the spice of life,and thank goodness we dont all like the same things.I think it is absolutely wonderful if a person can compose music AND write lyrics,but its just a fact that for whatever reasons,some just simply cant.To me,it doest take away from the talents that they DO have.I call myself a songwriter because I HELP to write,or in some cases,write songs.I'm not claiming to be a great songwriter,but hope that some will like and enjoy the songs that I write(or HELP to write),and I am trying very hard to learn more about what I am doing everyday.I am trying to be the best lyricist that I possibly can and I am pouring my heart into learning everything that I can about writing great lyrics.As I said before,I really did attempt to learn to play the guitar,for several reason I found that it wasnt for me.For one thing,I have crippling arthritis in hands.I think people will choose to focus on what they do best,and what they love to do the most....in the process I am learning a little more about music.....I truly respect everyones opinion here,it just seems that it could have the potential to hurt or possibly even dissuade those who only write lyrics,to make them feel that their contribution to songwriting is unimportant.....but that is just my opinion,and I admit I dont know very much at all,but I sure am trying VERY VERY hard to learn.

*****You know I'm a dreamer,but my heart's of gold*****Motley Crue