I notice the MOOGS mentioned in the post.
That came a bit before my time.
Those would probably be considered antiques (collectors).
Wonder if they would cost more even?

I was speaking of the keyboards before the internet revolution came along.
Those would still be digital though, though cheap.
Some of mine don't even have MIDI.

I saw one of these old, fancy keyboards once that had the tape player in them and also a DAT player and recorder.
Wanted to purchase it, but someone snapped it up.

Now I want something MOOG based.

Am I to understand that MOOGS are still made?

The thing I like about Casio is the realness in the sound and there seems to be more power behind the sound then the other synths I have tried.

I play guitar also.

I like having a compression in a sound but not overdoing it and having control over it, and I don't care for using software for compression or effects.

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