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But I like Casio CTK-411, the more recent CTK-720, and Yamaha Portasound PSS-470 for some quirky eighties type sounds.

But the 411 and Portasound are the synths that I have used online.

The Casio CTK-720 comes with software.
Although all synths most likely do now.

That is how old most of mine are.

Those Casios are not Analog. Some purists won't even call them synths.

Cheapest analogs I've seen are the Roland Junos (around $100); Korg DW8000 ($100) and the Kawai SX.

You can go the Virtual Analog route and get an Alesis Micron ($400new, $300 second hand) or a Korg Microkorg (same price as Micron)