I've beenm using kunaki.com to manage "micro" runs of 4 CD's at a time. They are great for one up drop-ship retail orders and for ordering 4 units at a time to re-supply my CD Baby stock as needed.

The reason 4 is the "magic" number is because that's the best deal on shipping via USPS (U.S. Postal Service) to yourself or CD Baby. If you order 5 or more they will be sent with UPS which costs more, so it increases the cost per CD.

So for micro-size runs, you might as well use the Kunaki.com which has the best pricing for low-volume production runs and leaves you in full control of the CD graphics layout and design. They'll even send you the first CD for free so you can check and approve the quality.

They'll also drop-ship any retail orders you have directly to your customers. This saves money compared to having them ship first to you, and then you have to re-ship again to your customer, so direct can be a quick & cost effective way to go!

If you're going to produce 100's of CDs or more, you'll probably be better off with Disc Makers, and maybe let them do your artwork, etc.

Wishing you the best on your first CD project!

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