We've sent several emails to all judges about moving stuff. When in doubt, NEVER move something. The ability to move an album was and is meant for extremely obvious problems where (for example) a childrens album was mistakenly placed in the Death Metal category. Only an extreme mistake should be moved. And even then ONLY if it moves you.

Covers are a little different. But an album can have 100% covers and still be in any category (rock, Pop, Rap, Vocal Jazz, Country etc.. it doesn't matter). Albums are judged on the performances of all the songs on the albums. It's an Artist award, not a songwriter award. So it doesn't matter who wrote any of the songs. For Cover SONGS.. we do have a category for best cover song. But keep in mind it needs to be a truly AMAZING versions to have any shot in that category which will get gettings songs from ALL genres. In most cases, the only reason to listen to cover songs on an album is to determine if the ALBUM should be flagged... you should NEVER change the genre of a song or an album unless you want to FLAG that song or album, but it's clearly in the wrong genre. If you find a song in Roots and you think it's Amercana, that's not enough of a difference in genre to justify a move. If you find a Rap song in Roots and it's good enough to flag, then you should move it.

See what I mean?

When in doubt, DON'T move it. Flag it and we can easily move it (and probably will) in round 3, 4 or 5.


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