It will continue to happen until we shut off round 2. At that time we'll notify everyone so that you can make one last check. Some movements have been rather ridiculous which is annoying since we've begged people to be very cautious (and even have a warning pop up that double warns them before doing it). It's vital to be able to legitimately move stuff that needs it, but some people just ain't cut out to follow the rules no matter what you do. So I try, when I find them, to move stuff back to where it belongs. And we are tracking all movements so we can return stuff that needs it and review any problems that arise.

The complete issue that you describe sounds like trouble. I had a single album where that happened. I will try to get with the tech folks to see what to do there. I suggest just holding off for now until that is looked into.

That last thing is a problem when you have judges who have.. a problem. We try to monitor it, but some rougue judges have made things tough. Fortunately we'll get a list at the end of the round of changes and we'll also know who did it (I can't tell at this time making policing much harder). This is a custom system built solely for us so if we didn't ask for a feature, we didn't get it. I've learned a lot about how tough it is to program such a gigantic and complex system. We have thousands of judging processes going on and 1 or 2 problem makers can really throw a wrench into it.



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