Thanks for the listen and the comments. Very much appreciated.

We did a re-write on the chorus. Trying to improve the song.

Blue Collar Land
By Roy Harris and Charles Kirkland
Vocal: Charles Kirkland

Well the market is going crazy
They’re bailing out the banks
Talking about the economy
How it is going down the tank
Corporate has their hand out
Wanting some of that government money
They spend it like it grows on trees
Let me tell you now this ain’t funny

Cause out here in blue collar land…..
I’m trying to make ends meet
Working all the overtime I can
Why can’t they see the pain it’s causing
When will they understand
We sure could use a helping hand
Out here……
In blue collar land

Jobs are falling by the wayside
They’re being sent overseas
They’re eating prime rib in Washington
While they knock us to our knees
They think they know all the answers
But I don’t think they understand
This country would go down the tube
If it weren’t for blue collar land

Repeat chorus

When the well runs dry and the money’s all gone
They’ll be marching to a different band
Maybe they’ll be joining us soon
Out here in blue collar land

Repeat chorus