There's many reasons for that. First off is that only a small number of the active posters have entered anything. Second is that in general, most people HATE or have no time for message boards. Some of our most active members have never or have rarely visited the message boards. Third is that most of the folks who entered CD's are at least part time musicians making part of their living from music. That means they are rehearsing, traveling and gigging and have very little free time to post on message boards. And fourth, about 7K of the 42K CD's entered came from people who just joined JPF upon entry for the first time. Fifth, many of the folks who DO post here and DID enter this year, sent their CD's in directly to us instead of through CD Baby and that music isn't even in the online system yet. All those CD's will be screened for Round 1 & 2 here and then combined with the online stuff in Round 3.

We have 52K members, but there are in truth only about 1000 active posters of the 17K registered users. Of those, I think less than 50 entered anything into the awards and 25 of those folks sent their CD's in directly. So how likely are you to come across a 1 of 25 Albums in the 32K that were online? That's one out of 128 albums. Then add on to it that most of the albums from members here fall into only a handful of genres.

The odds of coming across something is very small. I'd be more shocked if you said you'd found a bunch.


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