Obviously if you've already screened them, you don't need to listen to them again. I am not sure why you'd think you need to. If complete isn't working for you, then postpone should put them at the end of your genre. If that isn't working either then there's clearly a tech issue of some type. If you're otherwise at the end of the genre, then just consider it complete for now and move on to the next.

This hasn't been reported by anyone else of the thousands of current judging sessions going on. So I am not sure what to make of it. If you can list the names of these CD's that keep coming back up and explain the story in an email to me to jpfolkspro@aol.com I will get the info to the programmers to have a look. Because it hasn't happened before, either there's something unique about your situation or it's a new problem that hasn't hit others yet. But if it's a tech glitch, it will likely start hitting everyone else judging your category the same.


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