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The only way something would come back is if you didn't COMPLETE it. It's possible if something was traded by other judges back and forth that you could see it again, but for it to happen MANY times seems unlikely. Are you sure you're hitting "complete" rather than "postpone?" We haven't had any other reports of this.


Brian, I am quite certain I hit complete, not postpone and it has happened at least four times, and I think more. The first few times I just thought I was imagining it, when I finally found one CD that I thought was excellent and marked it complete and it came back the next day I knew I wasn't imagining anymore. Then three of the next five CDs came back and I knew I wasn't imagining it. One of them I thought might have come back because I changed genre on the CD and all songs, and when it came back they were all reset to what they were so I figured you decided I was wrong about the genre and resubmitted it, but the others, I simply could not wait to mark complete. I seldom cut a song short unless it gets irritating to continue. I really don't want to hear one of those again, if I cannot even stand to go through the whole song.