You mis-understood. I have the Site Bookmarked. When I go to the Site to listen and click on the Catagory I am reveiwing the next Album comes up and starts playing automaticaly. When I am finished with that album and click complete the next album comes and starts playing, automaticaly. It all works fine as long as I am proceeding. When I want to take a break I may go to another site in my favorites. I just click on a site and leave the music site. However if I want to come back to listening to more music then it says Wait for the Page To Load. Nothing will play so I just sign off and re-start my computer and when I come back everything starts to work just fine. I don't know why this happens but it does for some reason. So if some of you are having this problem try re-starting your computer and it will probably fix it so you can continue to reveiwing the music.

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Ray E. Strode