That's just a tech issue with CD Baby. Don't hold the artists accountable for something they might not even be the cause of. We got that info via the CD Baby database. It's possible, for example, that some of that music isn't for sale digitally. Therefore there would have been no reason for them to update that info which is only really needed for digital sales.

We included that info as a support tool to better determine if songs are covers are originals. It's not complete but it sure does make it easier. Though some may mistakenly not be listed as covers, at least we know that when it IS listed as a cover or traditional that we can move on to the next song. It's a big time saver. We'll still verify the writers before announcing nominees.

That's not to say that artists NEVER falsely claim writer status. They do. We've had cases where people out and out lied about it. But that's a tiny number of people overall. Don't fault any of the entrants for anything OTHER than their actual music. If you love it, flag it. If you don't, move on. Don't use things like "wrong genre" or "mistaken writer credits" or "age of album" to skip something that moves you. Most of those issues may not be the fault of the artists at all.


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