The "Cover" category is only for really interesting/inventive versions of well known songs. If someone has simply done a very nice version of a cover song, that's not rising to the level to flag. We don't have a "traditional" blues category. It might be something to consider if time allows later in the process but for now, you're really searching for 2 things: Great original songs that move you, and great albums with any types of songs (covers or originals) that move you. Flag those and we're good to go. And if you come across a cover that is so awesome or interesting or funny or bizarre, the flag it as a "cover" and we'll check that out as well. But those should be rare especially in a big category like Blues.

We do have a "Traditional" category in Holiday music and we do treat all A Cappella songs, original or cover, the same as that is a performance category where we recognize the performance and the arrangement. If an A Cappella original song is outstanding, we'd consider double nominating it in the appropriate secondary category (like Pop or whatever). We've done that twice before.


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