Actually nothing is a repeat entry. We don't allow it. And we have a system to check and make sure that something entered this year wasn't last year. Occassionally a handful of albums still slip in, but we always catch them and remove them eventually. It's a clear rule and that eliminates most of it and our technical ability eliminates the rest. I'd never allow the same music to be considered more than once. But the flip side is that I think that any music made by a member should have a chance as well. As for multiple albums, as I have said before, it is quite common for people to get nominations from more than one album and in more than one genre. We've had a few artists get 4-5 album nominations in one year. One is actually so prolific that she's released 14 albums in the 3 years since the last deadline. And I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't get multiple nominations from them. I am not going to penalize someone for having too much talent. If the music isn't great, it gets cut in the first round anyway. And cutting bad entries is actually pretty easy. Just about anyone off the street could accurately cut the bad stuff out. Especially when you have so much good stuff to compare it too.

As for stuff sounding alike, when you have a LOT of good music, it becomes hard to tell whether everything is really good or really great. Once we get to the third round, it will be VERY difficult to determine what the best stuff really is because what you all are flagging will be going head to head and there's so very few spots available in each category for albums and songs. (Typically 8 albums and 20 songs get nominated in each genre). We could EASILY go 100 albums deep in both Male and Female Singer-Songwriter and we could go 200 albums deep in Rock. I think the folks next round will really start to understand how tough the music industry really is. For the most part, with only a few exception, these albums and artists are completely unknown and probably have gotten little attention for their work so far. It's a tough road out there. I am glad our awards can bring some deserved positive attention to some of this music.


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