As long as you can FINISH them, I don't care how many you work on. But if you only have time to finish 1, then please work on one until it is finished. This is a new way of doing all of this and each time we have to reinvent the entire screening process. My fear is that we'll have lots of screening for the first half of each genre.. then it will tail off and by the end of the alphabet, we'll have very little screening and it will be difficult to make good decisions based on incomplete data. We could have dynamically assigned albums (i.e. have them come up in order between all judges) but then we wouldn't have had a consistent viewpoint of 1 person across an entire category. That's been a strength of our judging/screening system in that for votes to count, someone has to listen to all music still in the running across the board in a category. In all past years that is how we've done it. This is different from something like Ourstage where they just serve up the next in order and no one really screens all the possible combinations most of the time. I understand why they do that and when you're dealing with millions of judges who might only judge 1 head to head match up, it makes sense. But we try to find committed judges that can go through an entire category or more.

So.. if you, Tom Tracy the Superbad Judge, know you'll have time to finish multiple genres, then feel free to move back and forth. (I am doing that myself since I know I'll be finishing the categories I am working on). But if you think you'll only have time for 1, then only do 1.

Fair enough?


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