Dear Brian-

I followed the directions in this FAQ document when I just mailed my physical CD yesterday. I put all the requested info ON the CD itself with a sharpie, and on the back side of the front cover page of the CD case (inside left page when you open it).

Now I am not sure I did it right. I was assuming that when the case is separated from the CD/"liner notes", that all the printed pages of the CD are considered the "liner notes", and would, perhaps, be stapled together. Is this correct? If the tray liner/back cover only is considered the "liner notes" and the front cover page is thrown away, then I may have screwed up, and clarification about what exactly is considered "liner notes" might help eliminate this problem in the future.

Secondly, I think there might be inconsistent info about the shipment instructions on your site, which also makes me wonder if I screwed up. Here in the FAQ (which is where I was "dropped in" on a google hit/what I followed), it stresses info ON the CD and ON the liner notes. However, when I came to the home page this morning, I see on the JPFolks main page an additional requirement not mentioned in the FAQ, about the album title being listed on the "outside of the package". If you mean the outside of the shipping package, then that is the one requirement I didn't do; I could resend another CD before the deadline if I need to-Please advise. Kelly smile