Everyone: Please keep the genres you're working on confidential. We really don't want people to start emailing asking what you thought of their album etc. It opens too many doors for people to try and manipulate things or for others to FEAR that it is happening even when it's not.

I gave all the judges extra genres. That way if you started one and felt like it wasn't what you loved, you could switch to another without having to come back to me and wait for me to change it. So pick one you like best and work on it until it is done. If you finish, start another.

As for finishing by the end of the year, our goal for this round is to finish Round 2 by the end of January. But we will take however long it takes to get it all right. There's still several more rounds to complete and we'll work and work until we get to the nominations. So take the time you need to do it right. Do a genre at a time. And if you finish and have time to keep doing more, just ask and we'll set you up with another genre. There can't be too many judges in this round. The goal is to search for all the songs that move our collective judges the most. After this round, then we'll be comparative judgings, measuring all the flagged songs to each other. It's a different kind of screening at that time. This is the time where it's just fun and pressure free. So enjoy it, and give a nudge forward to all those songs that blow you away.



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