Hey Brian:

I received an E-mail from you stating that there would be a "topic" or listing for this year's awards screeners and I did not find one yet... so I thought I'd bring it up here and hope you see it. (It's a suggestion for next year's awards format.)

May I respectfully suggest that you limit the number of albums for each participant to only one. It takes so long to listen to each album... and I know I've heard albums from the same people at least three times... no, not each participant, just certain ones. I believe each participant should pick only three or four songs from each album... they know the good ones (at least in their minds) and we could concentrate on that instead of trying to separate the "wheat from the chaff."

I hope you get this and it will be of some benefit to you and other screeners. Man, this is a task... and I'm only about 75% finished screening one genre with two or three more to go. I hope you have lots of troops in the trenches and that some of them are double covering the same genres.