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Due to delays at CD Baby, we're just now able to get started on Round 2 of the JPF Music Awards. We have the music now and our tech partners (the guys behind Virgin Digital and Radio Free Virgin as well as AOL Radio, CBS Radio and Yahoo Radio among other things) are finishing the judging interface to handle all this music the rest of the way. I have no ETA on when we'll get to Round 3 and 4 let alone when nominations will be ready, but all we can do is tackle this full speed ahead and go from there.

As always we use a mix of judges during the process including Industry Professionals, Musician and Songwriter Peers and Music Fans. In these early rounds, we do require a level of competence among our judges (i.e. those who are fans) simply due to the work load involved. If you'd like to participate in the screening process, our only criteria is:

Does it move you?

That can be based on anything that you require in music to move you. It could be slick production, great vocals, fantastic melody, story that makes you cry or laugh, or all of the above or something completely different. All we ask is that you judge honestly and pick your favorites based on your perspective. What more can a person do right?

If you want to get involved, we'll be starting new folks into the process next week so please send me a Private Message with your interest, what genres of music you like most (sorry, we have to choose the genres for you so we can avoid any conflicts or voter bias as much as possible) and how much time you could dedicate to the process (as we are doing this all online this year). (For those of you who have screened in the past via CD's, we won't be able to ship them to you this time around. We might be able to burn CD's of the nominated songs, but that's not confirmed at this time).

I'll follow up with those interested next week once I have tested and certified the interface is ready. (We may have need for some beta testers as well).

Thanks in advance! Remember, this is OUR music awards, it's part of the entire community. So get involved and help us recognize the best music in over 100 different genres from over 160 different countries!


Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks
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