Because we often find that artists/songwriters have no idea what their best work actually is. It's very common for people to be shocked by which songs get chosen off their albums for nomination over the ones they assumed were the best. So if we let them enter only a small number, we'd miss 50% of the songs that end up getting nominated each year. We're geared up and able to handle the masses.. we want to encourage people to go for it. We had an artist enter 20 CD's last year, but 5 different albums got a nomination as well as several tracks. Had she chosen to send us the 15 that didn't make it, she wouldn't have gotten any nominations at all. (She was a classical artist).

If someone sends us a lot of really bad songs with bad recordings we don't spend a lot of time on those songs. So it's not a big deal. We know where the bar is set to move forward and if you have material good enough to do that, send it. Even if you don't get nominated, I think it's important for our community to demonstrate how active the grassroots community really is in making music. The RIAA who represents only the 4 major labels, claims publicly to represent the interests of over 80% of the songs written. That's a flat out lie. In truth, they represent less than 1%. Our awards are part of the proof of their heinous lie. It's an important ongoing battle we have to give our grassroots community a say in what happens to the future of music. So entering is important. It makes you part of something bigger than yourself and even the worst song entered has a value to the process. And we can say that honestly because we aren't doing it to earn entry fees. So we put our actions (and lots of hard work) where our mouths are.


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