If you have a High School Football state championship, but none of the varsity players are allowed to play against you, it's a hollow state championship. You can use the same logic on any level down to pee wee and beyond.

So it's not a "talent" thing.. it's not a "money" thing... it's not a "resources" thing... so what is the point of having 2 levels?

In all areas of the music industry the "pros" have a distinct advantage due to money and power of their "owners." But not in our awards. When we have a major label artist involved, they get no more consideration than a complete unknown. Every year we have world famous writers and artists get passed up for those who have had little or no commercial success (i.e. by definition, amateurs). Why relegate their talent to the junior varsity level when they are completely competent to compete straight up with anyone?


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