Winning an award that limits the talent is like saying "I won the Superbowl" but no players who have played in the Pro's, College or High School can compete. Big deal on the win! Winning against the very best means something. Winning against a limited group has limited meaning or value.

Thank you !!!

At the PRO level is the super bowl. So the college champions are not proud of their championship because it was not the super bowl?

At the college level competition is based on the size school and the enrollment.... so Georgia Southern does not have to compete against The University of Georgia as the size schools are totally different and the playing field would not be level.

At the high school level, at least in Ga... you play against schools that are similar in size and enrollment. Here they are called classes. There is A, AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA. Each level has it's own championship and I can tell you that the champions in class A are just as proud to be state champions of that class as the folks that are the champions of AAAAA. Wait... it was not the super bowl so they have no reason to be proud. Darn!

Resources are not just, in my thinking anyway a MONEY issue.

I fully understand everything you have posted and even agree with you more than you think, and I also get it that you are not going to hear anything that I've tried to say to you and that is cool. Who says you have too.. .right!

I've bent over backwards to praise and thank you both for the contest and this site but you are not hearing it and keep coming back to me wanting to limit the talent and cheapen the awards. Not even close to anything I've tried to say to you and has been and will be the furthest thought from my mind.

Blessings on you Brian.