Hi Brian.....

First of all thanks for all you to at this site. I am learning a lot as I study and read the posts here. I know that it must be a huge job to keep it all going. Thank you!

So then, I’m really new here and not sure if I have a right to ask this question of you. Please don’t take it the wrong way.

As I read the huge list of winners, entrants, and seeing names like Charlotte Martin, Willie Nelson, Art Garfunkle, and many other stellar writers I’m thinking… how in the Sam Fred Hill am I (although not new to music…new to songwriting) with limited resources supposed to compete with this. The ugly truth is… I can not! Not your fault mind you and the blind hearing feature is a great thing but it just seems to be an impossible feat.

I guess I’m saying that to ask… is there any chance for a pro division and a amateur division? I imagine this thing is way too huge and complicated to do anything like that but it sure would level the playing field some.

Please understand what I’m asking is not from criticism. This is a great thing you are doing for free and you deserve nothing but praise. I guess my “newbie” status makes it feel a lot more intimidating than perhaps it is. Anyway… is it at all possible?