Hi Brian,

I have been one of the judges on an American Song Contest for several years, and in all honesty I thought nearly everything sent in was generally well recorded Songs that lacked any magic
Just Good songs, and nothing more.

I suggested that there should be a category for a plain work demo One Voice and one instrument either piano
Or guitar, and Iím pleased to see that this year The Wisconsin Song Writers have put in a category for just that . scrapping one or two of the categoryís that did not attract many entries.

Is there a similar category in the contest that is run by your good self at Just Plain Folks.?
Some writers seem to think that having a professional recording of an ordinary song can turn it into a hit, I am a firm believer that if your song can be played by a
Solo act without elaborate backing tapes, itís easier to listen to the quality of the melody and the underlying chord accompaniment ,
A piano is ideal if the writer has written in bass inversions. So there is no problem demonstrating the song in this plain form . This way there is not the necessity for learning writers to spend money they cant afford on songs that are not ready for the Professional Market , despite the fact that most will believe they are.

Have been working at E.M.I. Hayes U.K. in many departments starting as Tea Boy and worked through to A and R, New Artist Management,
Co Writing , with Boy Bands, and some solo acts
I have always played in bands,

psuedonymn of course to many thieves and robbers on the web these days