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Ha! Good one. Like Eddie says, the upbeat tune pairs deliciously with the lyric. I also agree with Eddie about the ending. I don't think that adds anything.
Love the guitar solo. Is that you or BIAB.

Really enjoyed this. Has a real old time country feel, and that's the kind of country I like.

Thanks Gavin.
When my wife heard it she immediately said that it sounds like "Urban Cowboy Music."
It is me in the guitar solo. Went straight into the DAW with a tele and used a plug in called AMPIRE and then EQ'd it. First time to try it and was happy with the result and not having to drag any amps around.

Thanks for stopping by. Rushed to get out of town today. Will get it up on your site soon as I can. I have a chromebook with me. Not sure if I can get it done with that or not. Will try.

Thanks for commenting.

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