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Tony, I do not want to get in a position where I challenge your faith or belief system because I see that as disrespectful and out of bounds.

In a private thread I apologized to you for my comment regarding what Jesus purportedly said about loving your neighbour. Martin took it as me as saying Jesus would not have liked him and it also provoked a reaction in you that was unintended.

It was my intent only to quote his words, not to imply you would have been judged somehow unworthy...though I understand how Marty and you saw it.

I apologize again in public for that.

Well, considering your affiliation with "World Interfaith", I would assume that you're well accustomed to such challenges lol... I'm probably not half as offended as you may think, and I certainly got the gist of the video. Perhaps the fault is mine for telling you to "Grow Up..."? The truth is, you and I agree on one very important point... We may not all see "eye to eye" but we must all respect each other's God given freedom. However, that will never happen if we're not "free" to understand each other. "Political Correctness" is not a child's game... It's a slippery two way street full of huge potholes with two cops arguing over the best way to direct traffic. This quickly devolves into unidirectional thinking without any regard for anyone's destination. Authority takes precedence over choice. "This is my street, do as your told..." Hopefully you can understand how "why can't we all just get along" seems childishly na´ve to someone who sees clearly that liberty and individuality are being stripped away from the current political landscape. The authoritarian powers that be insist that unity of purpose requires unity of mind... and the world is shrinking every day.

I didn't know about you, but I currently appreciate that my God given freedom is Constitutionally protected! Again, understanding is a prerequisite for respect... and I actually enjoy these conversations. So, I won't say that I'll never be offended, lol... apparently that would require me to ignore more than half the population. No, I will continue to speak my mind and respect the freedom of others to do the same.