I'm not so sure Brian... I can agree that "the system" itself is convoluted and corrupt, but how you operate within the system speaks volumes. I was saying four years ago that Trump is just a "centrist businessman" who only ran as a Republican to beat the Democrats at their own game. But then he surprised me and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, publicly and politically recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the sovereign nation of Israel despite UN objections. When you take into account all he actually accomplished in 3yrs and consider that his campaign platform was "independence, Constitutional liberty and pride, and drain the swamp", it makes me wish I took him at his word and voted for him the first time. Trump has proven himself to me, I can't so easily dismiss him as just another politician... which, of course, he obviously never was lol.

On a side note: John V, Jesus is the ORIGINAL politically incorrect bad boy lol. Our faith, or lack thereof, is a big part of who we are. Personally, I believe there should be MORE religion in politics... a LOT more! smile