I think the most interesting thing is that all of you missed the plot entirely.

If you paid any attention, the hearings today in PA should have gotten honest Rs and Ds attention in the USA. The criminal vote theft which clearly occurred in 7 swing states isn't just the problem of whichever side ends up losing this election. (It is far from over). What is clear across all these states is that BOTH parties have been vote dealing for decades. They keep the R and D in roughly 50-50 power on purpose and by design. They get both parties to sell out to the power brokers and both sides from the smallest local school boards to the Presidency has been hand chosen by the powerful. Votes from both sides have meant nothing for a long long time. They got exposed because Trump won in a landslide. The margins were so huge they had to over cheat which left evidence, witnesses and proof. The voting machines have been exposed by both parties or 20 year. The left even more than the right, starting with Jimmy Carter and Baker. There are ample YouTube videos showing how easy they are to cheat with. The votes go out overseas, are "handled" then sent back. Algorithms also switch votes at an ever steep curve, but once they hit critical mass, it crashes the system. So they shut down counting and brought in millions of fake votes.

First hand witnesses testified with 50 to 1 more waiting in the wings. Hundreds have testified under penalty of perjury about rampant fraud and lawlessness. And they haven't even gotten to court yet where at least 3 people directly involved in the mass cheating have turned states evidence. They will testify in court. And more are coming out each day.

The Supreme Court will eventually decide the winner. I make no predictions, but once the evidence shows that BOTH parties in some cases have cheated in various down ballot races, and millions of Biden's votes are fake, people will either demand and fix these issues, or the US will be lost for good. When neither side is actually electing anyone that isn't preapproved by the criminals, we're in a banana Republic.

Watch and see. I fully expect both parties to try and cover their asses, so it would be unlikely (though not impossible) for enough to do the right thing at the State level. But it likely will get to the Supreme Court and the USA will never be the same once people, including normies like we have here (good people who are asleep to the dark realities) wake up. Once the US falls, the wealthy elites will switch to China to do their dirty work. They already have ample blackmail material on Biden, hell enough already came out from Hunters laptop to prove Biden is China's puppet. But China answers to the elites just the same, but they are chomping at the bit to finish the USA and become the only world Superpower. The USA has a fatal cancer already metastasized in it's bones. The debt is already the fatal cancer it can't survive without a world war. It will have to sell off and shutter it's military just like England had to when Soros bankrupted them as well. (Though Soros is simply the creation of the elites, a bogeyman they conducts their crimes under much like other notorious figures in history were as well). The same powers have been using "dictators" and military puppets for more than a century to do it's dirty work.

Even if Trump prevails in court, it is putting off the inevitable. We cannot survive with 30+ trillion in debt we'll have minimum in the next year.

The final marxist/communist takeover has already begun. They are criminalizing Thanksgiving all around the USA. People in some states are banned from gathering even though those issuing the bans have been caught in parties, maskless having large gatherings of other elites and their political minions. They are threatening jail time and huge fines in many states if you dare gather with out of town family. In CA they just pointlessly shut down all restaurants for 3 weeks. But of course black friday shopping is just fine.

Anyone who thinks that's a good thing is already a useful idiot for the authoritarians. "Do as I say, not as I do." -Every elite in power.

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